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Sarasota, Florida


Friends of Bobby Jones Golf Club Inc was established as a Florida Not For Profit organization on March 17, 2013...Bobby Jones' Birthday!

Our Mission is to enhance the experience at BOBBY JONES GOLF CLUB for City of Sarasota and area residents and visitors and to help effect, through sponsorship of projects, programs and events, the Four Initiatives.

The Bobby Jones Initiative, The Donald Ross Initiative, The Paul Azinger Initiative and The John Hamilton Gillespie Initiative.

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Corporate ACE


Corporate ACE


Corporate Ace (1-10 employees, members or individuals)

Supports (2) individuals identified by the member Corporate Friendship organization and extending rights of Friendship on a single day or single event basis to their named Corporate Guests not to exceed three (3) with each Friendship card.  

NOT FOR PROFIT Annual Dues: Less 19.25% = $201.88 

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CA001  Architétc.  25 March 2013

CA002  Carlson Studio Architecture  16 April 2013


CA001  Architétc.  16 April 2013


CA001  Architétc.  01 May 2013

CA003  True Tree Inc.  04 May 2015


CA001  Architétc.  18 July 2014


CA001  Architétc.  29 April 2015

CA002  Carlson Studio Architecture  23 June 2017


CA001  Architétc.  09 April 2016


CA001  Architétc.  26 February 2018

CA004 Red Stake Surveyors Inc. 09 January 2019

CA005 Donald Ross Sportswear 03 June 2019


CA001  Architétc.  21 May 2018


CA001  Architétc.  14 September 2018

IRS Identification Number and Florida Registration Number

The United States Internal Revenue Service Identification number for Friends of Bobby Jones Golf Club Inc. is 46-2354026.

Friends of Bobby Jones Golf Club, Inc. enjoys exempt status under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code. Friends of Bobby Jones Golf Club, Inc. is further classified with Public Charity Status under section 509 (a) (2) of the Code.

Friends of Bobby Jones Golf Club, Inc. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Statutes Chapter 496 s. 496-406 Solicitation of Contributions Act, Registration Number CH46758.

Annual Dues Policy

It is in the Corporation’s interests and in the interests of its Friends that all Friends be made aware of and enjoy fair and consistent published policies and procedures for the remittance, collection, schedule and circumstances regarding the payment and accounting of annual Dues, and of the limited circumstances under which Dues may be refunded partially or in full. The Board may publish such an Annual Dues Policy.

The Board of Trustees shall establish, continue or revise Annual Friendship Dues at each Annual Meeting.